ChatGPT for Learning & Development: Masterclass

with Josh Cavalier

AI Empowerment is in Your Hands:
Step into the next generation of L&D with an expert guide & pioneering techniques for large language model prompts.

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250+ Ready-to-use Prompts for L&D

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Armed with this comprehensive online course, weekly coaching sessions, a wealth of support materials, and access to the exclusive GenAI for L&D Community, you'll be primed to navigate the AI revolution as a proficient prompt designer.


This cutting-edge online course illuminates the path to crafting effective prompts that impact every stage of the Learning Journey.


An expanding universe of opportunities is springing forth as businesses across the globe recognize the vital role of prompt engineering in AI-driven solutions.

Don't be sidelined in the AI Revolution! This course equips you to:

  • Decode and understand the intricacies of Large Language Models
  • Gain mastery over 10+ dynamic prompt engineering strategies
  • Blend AI strategies with powerful prompt engineering tactics

With this course as your beacon, you'll ascend to the rank of a Prompt Designer for Learning & Development, armed with the knowledge and skills to ride the wave of AI innovation.

Your future success with Generative AI begins here. Don't miss out!


Welcome to the AI Revolution

Establish your OpenAI account, grasp the implications of AI, and understand how to leverage the course format for maximum benefit. This module includes the following: 

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Overview of ChatGPT for Learning & Development Masterclass
  • What You Will Learn
  • Setting Up ChatGPT

After completing this module, you will be fully equipped and prepared to make the most of your journey through the course.


Demystifying ChatGPT

Unravel the intricacies of ChatGPT with an easy-to-digest explanation devoid of complex math and tech jargon. This module includes the following.

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What is Natural Language Processing?
  • How Does a Transformer Work?
  • The Encoder/Decoder Workflow

After this module, you will have a solid understanding of Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing.


Mastering the Freeform Prompt

Learn to create compelling prompts that resonate with your audience and inspire engagement. This module includes:

  • What is a Prompt?
  • Freeform Vs. Structured Prompts
  • How to Write a Freeform Prompt That Works!
  • Freeform Prompt: Learning Objectives
  • Freeform Prompt: Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Freeform Prompt: eLearning Storyboard
  • Freeform Prompt: Video Script
  • Using the 150+ Prompts for Education Website

By the end of this module, you will be proficient in crafting dynamic freeform prompts that spark meaningful interactions.


Mastering the Structured Prompt

Discover how to construct structured prompts to guide the AI response efficiently. This module includes:

  • What is a Structured Prompt, and Why Use It?
  • Structured Prompt Syntax: JSON, YAML, and Pseudocode
  • How to Write a Structured Prompt That Works: The TRACI Format
  • Structured Prompt: Course Outline
  • Structured Prompt: Scenarios
  • Structured Prompt: eLearning Storyboard
  • Introduction to

Upon completing this module, you will be adept at developing precise, structured prompts that elicit desired responses from ChatGPT.


Advanced Prompt Crafting

Delve deeper into sophisticated prompt crafting techniques and methodologies to elevate your AI interaction. This module includes:

  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Zero, One, and Few Shot
  • Memory
  • Chain of Thought
  • Tree of Thought
  • Large Freeform Vs. Structured Prompts: eLearning Storyboard
  • Prompt Sequencing
  • Prompt Stacking

After this module, you'll have advanced knowledge of prompt engineering, enabling you to tackle complex interactions easily.


Prompt Strategies and Tactics

Uncover actionable tactics and strategies to optimize the effectiveness of your prompts and enhance user engagement. This module includes:

  • Creating a Prompt Strategy
  • Creating Prompt Tactics
  • Organizing Your Prompts
  • Learning Journey: Learning Needs Analysis
  • Learning Journey: Audience and User Preferences
  • Learning Journey: Instructional Marketing with an Email Sequence
  • Learning Journey: Priming Video Script
  • Learning Journey: Virtual Class Outline and Activities
  • Learning Journey: Performance Support with Content Summaries
  • Learning Journey: Continued Learning with Actions and Challenges

After this module, you will be equipped with a strategic toolkit to optimize and finetune your ChatGPT prompts.


Creating an AI Chatbot

Understand the practicalities of developing a Chatbot using ChatGPT, enhancing efficiency, and enriching the user experience. This module includes the following:

  • Chatbot Strategies
  • Chatbot Creation Platforms
  • Creating a Chatbot with GPT 3.5
  • Accessing Your Chatbot

After finishing this module, you'll have the foundational skills to create your own AI Chatbot, revolutionizing your content delivery.


Moving Forward

Round off your journey with a summary of your learning and a roadmap for future exploration and application. This module includes:

  • Summary of Key Points
  • The Changing Landscape of AI
  • Resources and Additional Learning Opportunities

Congratulations, you’re now ready to increase your productivity and creativity exponentially!

Continuous Learning with Quarterly Course Updates!

ChatGPT is an evolving entity, continually gaining new features and expanding its capabilities. I regularly enrich my course content to keep you at the forefront of these advancements. Every quarter, I'll introduce fresh modules addressing new topics and functionalities.

Future modules will dive into areas such as Using GPT-4 Vision, Creating a GPT, Using Code Interpreter with xAPI, and Multimodal Functions with GPT-4o that includes uploading and analyzing images.

Stay ahead of the curve, keeping your knowledge base ever-expanding and relevant, as you grow along with the dynamic field of AI.

Unparalleled Course Support & Bonus Material

My aim is to equip you with a well-rounded toolkit for success. Along with my in-depth curriculum, you will receive:

  • ChatGPT Checklist: Your practical guide to ensure you optimize ChatGPT outputs at every step.

  • Workbook: A resourceful companion that complements the course content, providing a space for notes, reflections, and practice exercises.

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions: Benefit from monthly group¬†coaching sessions, where your unique¬†prompt engineering challenges are addressed.¬†

  • Access to Online Community: Join an engaging online network of fellow learners and industry professionals. Swap insights, gain inspiration, and expand your professional network.

  • 250+ Education Prompts: Get ahead with a curated collection of education-specific prompts to inspire your work and boost your L&D initiatives.

  • Class Completion Certificate:¬†Show the world you made it through the entire course!

With these exceptional tools and resources, you will participate and excel in the AI revolution. My students, with the aid of coaching sessions, have seen tangible success at a much faster rate.

All these benefits are free with the purchase of this course. Be ready to trailblaze your way through AI and L&D!

I’m Josh

Your guide on this transformative journey into ChatGPT and GenAI.

I've been crafting learning solutions for corporations, government agencies, and secondary education institutions for the past three decades. My passion lies in Learning & Development, and I've dedicated my career to leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance business and life skills.

My professional journey has led me to become an expert in ChatGPT and other Generative AI frameworks, and nothing excites me more than sharing this knowledge with others. I love simplifying complex topics, and if you ever need a quick tip or trick about Generative AI, my YouTube channel is always a click away.

Over the years, I've been honored to present at prestigious conferences such as DevLearn, Learning Solutions, ATD ICE, TechKnowledge, NAB, and Adobe MAX. I am thrilled to bring that same expertise to this course, making it an enriching learning experience for you.

I can't wait for us to start this learning journey together. Let's unlock the power of AI in Learning & Development!

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