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Gain confidence sharing your knowledge, reduce creation time through AI, and produce enduring content that changes hearts and minds.

ChatGPT Class Get 150 Prompts for Education

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Increase your creativity and reduce production time 60-80% with effective ChatGPT prompts!


Areas of Focus

Video Learning Journey

Your next video-based class will be easy to create when you follow my Video Learning Journey methodology. One output includes a master list of all videos required for a student's learning journey. 

AI for Learning & Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is transforming content creation in Learning & Development. Through prompt engineering, text, image, and video generation will radically shift our work. Are you ready?

Video Analytics

Understand the actionable outputs from your educational video analytics. Take your audience attention metrics and use it to create derivative video content with high audience value. 

AI for Learning & Development


Coaching Available

Work with Josh!

Your Educational Media Coach

Implementing a cohesive educational media strategy is more than buying software, a camera, and a green screen. 

I will work with your team and implement practical video workflows directly impacting your business. 

Work With Me

"Josh provided an in-depth, hands-on educational video workshop for my team. With our new skills, we made much smarter decisions about using video on our client projects, and we feel comfortable enough to push for more video when the situation is right."

Megan Torrance
CEO, Torrance Learning

Public Speaking 

For over twenty-five years, I've been sharing my knowledge and passion for educational media with thousands of learning and media professionals. It's been an incredible journey, but I have further to go! Let me light up your stage and inspire your audience. 

Let Me Do the Talking!

"Josh’s strategic approach to using video to address learning and performance needs - including his Video Instruction Plan - has helped guide our Video on Demand implementation to the point that video is now one of the most requested learning solutions."

Jonathan Hamilton
Learning Analyst - Fortune 50 Company

Conference Appearances


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