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June 24, 2023
Virtual Course | 9 AM - 12 PM EST

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Expand the power of your creativity and revolutionize your content creation process with ChatGPT!

It's time to level up your ChatGPT skills!

Envision a world where you are effortlessly constructing learning needs assessments, weaving eLearning & video storyboards, shaping insightful multiple-choice questions, and devising real-world scenarios.

Imagine these crucial elements of a successful learning experience emerging with ease, saving you precious time and energy. This is the transformative power of ChatGPT, your invaluable partner in writing, here to unleash your creativity and obliterate the dreaded writer's block!

Yet, as we all know, power is a two-edged sword. Without understanding the intricacies of this remarkable technology, you might find yourself entangled in the quest for the 'perfect prompt,' or even worse, amidst a chaotic jumble needing untangling.

Fear not, for this class is your beacon of knowledge!

It's designed to supercharge your ChatGPT skills, providing you with the tools to craft compelling educational content. More than just a crash course, it offers battle-tested strategies for prompt engineering, saving you from hours of unnecessary editing. So, are you ready to harness the power of ChatGPT and revolutionize your content creation process? Then, this class is unequivocally for you!

Sign up now for only $97!

Who Should Attend?

If this describes you, then this is your ChatGPT masterclass! 
  • A Learning Experience Designer who creates various forms of media like eLearning courses, videos, and games inside a learning journey
  • An Online Course Creator looking to decrease production time with training materials and video scripts 
  • An Instructional Designer who crafts multiple training documents to support a comprehensive learning strategy
  • A Teacher who is looking to produce lesson plans and flipped-classroom experience with their course content

What Will I Learn?

This unique experience will expand your foundation in how ChatGPT works, review tested prompt creation methods, and proven formulas that will have you creating learning content in minutes!

During this three-hour event, you will learn the following: 
  • Review how ChatGPT works, and the impact on prompt creation 
  • Prompt engineering programming patterns
  • How to create an excellent "Freeform" prompt to increase the quality of your results
  • The secrets of prompt engineering and creating a "Structured Prompt" to force ChatGPT to give you precisely what you ask for
  • Use the "Structured Prompt" technique to create long-form documents and reports
  • How to review your ChatGPT results with a proven checklist
  • Adjust prompts to compensate fro Prompt Drifting
  • Use prompts to create video scripts, multiple-choice questions, storyboards, scenarios, assessments, strategy documents, instructional marketing content, and more!
Sign up now for only $97!

Your Registration Includes:

3 Hours of Live Training ($495)

ChatGPT for L&D Advanced Manual ($60)

Access To Class Recordings ($295) 

ChatGPT for Education eBook ($50)

10 Advanced Prompt Job Aids and Code ($50)

The ChatGPT Proofing Checklist ($25)

$975 value for $97

Your Instructor

Josh Cavalier

For close to thirty years, Josh has been creating learning solutions for corporations, government agencies, and secondary education institutions.

He has been on the ChatGPT platform since late 2022 and applies his industry experience to the science of Natural Language Processing and AI. 

Josh is passionate about sharing his knowledge, and now has a YouTube channel - @joshcav. 

Josh has been called a "Computer Ace" by People magazine, and he has over 25 years of experience presenting at conferences like NAB, Adobe MAX, and DevLearn.

Course Outline


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Overview of ChatGPT for Learning & Development Advanced
  • What You Will Learn

Advanced Prompting Concepts

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants - using existing methodologies for Prompts
  • Zero, One, and a Few Shot Prompts
  • Memory Prompts
  • Chain of Thought Prompts
  • Tree of Thought Prompts
  • Large Freeform Prompts
  • Structured Prompts
  • LAB: Advanced Prompt Comparisons
    • Create an eLearning Storyboard with a Freeform Prompt
    • Create an eLearning Storyboard with a Structured Prompt 
  • How LLM Transformers Work and why words and word order matters

Understanding the TRACI format for Advanced Prompt creation

  • Review the TRACI format
    • Lab: Using TRACI to create a training Scenario 
  • Review Prompt Sequencing 
    • Lab: Prompt Sequencing to create Interactions from a training scenario
  • Review 
    • Lab using

Advanced Prompts for Learning Journeys

  • Review the Learning Journey 
  • Creating a Prompt Strategy 
  • Performance Consulting: Learning Needs Analysis
    • Lab: Learning Needs Analysis
    • Lab: Audience and User Preferences
  • Instructional Marketing: email awareness campaign 
    • Lab: Email Marketing Campaign
  • Priming: Video Scripts
    • Lab: Pre-Class Priming Video 
  • Content: eLearning Storyboard
    • Lab: eLearning Storyboard
    • Lab: Virtual Class Course Outline 
  • Performance Support: Content Summaries with Images
    • Lab: Content Summaries
  • Continued Learning: Actions and Challenges
    • Lab: Action Plan and Challenges

Create a Chatbot

  • Chatbot creation platforms
  • Creating an L&D Chatbot with a structured prompt and ChatGPT 3.5
  • Accessing Your AI Chatbot

Putting it all Together

  • Create a Learning Journey with a prompt sequence
    • Lab: A Learning Journey


  • Summary of the Key Points
  • Questions and Answers
  • Additional Resources and Learning Opportunities

Event Location: Virtual Class 

Limited to 100 Participants!

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