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June 10, 2023

Virtual Course | 9 AM - 12 PM EST

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Increase your creativity and reduce production time 60-80% with effective ChatGPT prompts!

Creating a learning needs assessment, eLearning & video storyboards, multiple-choice questions, and real-world scenarios are critical to a successful learning experience. Still, they take A LOT of time to produce
Imagine having a writing partner who will give you a head start on completing this content and maximize your creativity. No more writer's block! This is the power of ChatGPT.
But, we all know with great power, comes great responsibility. If you don't understand how the technology works, you could be wasting time trying to craft the "perfect prompt", or worse, creating a mess you need to clean up.

If you want to jump-start your ChatGPT skills, properly build prompts to produce impactful educational content, and learn the tested strategies for prompt engineering to avoid a large amount of editing - this class is for you!
Sign up now for only $97!

Who Should Attend?

If this describes you, then this is your ChatGPT masterclass! 
  • A Learning Experience Designer who creates various forms of media like eLearning courses, videos, and games inside a learning journey
  • An Online Course Creator looking to decrease production time with training materials and video scripts 
  • An Instructional Designer who  crafts multiple training documents to support a comprehensive learning strategy
  • A Teacher who is looking to produce lesson plans and flipped-classroom experience with their course content

What Will I Learn?

This unique experience combines a solid foundation in how ChatGPT works, tested prompt creation methods, and proven formulas that will have you creating learning content in minutes!

During this three-hour event, you will learn the following: 
  • How ChatGPT works, and the impact on prompt creation 
  • How to create an excellent "Freeform" prompt to increase the quality of your results
  • The secrets of prompt engineering and creating a "Structured Prompt" to force ChatGPT to give you precisely what you ask for
  • Use the "Structured Prompt" technique to create long-form documents and reports
  • How to review your ChatGPT results with a proven checklist
  • Use prompts to create video scripts, multiple-choice questions, storyboards, scenarios, assessments, strategy documents, instructional marketing content, and more!
Sign up now for only $97!

Your Registration Includes:

3 Hours of Live Training ($495)

ChatGPT for L&D Manual ($60)

Access To Class Recordings ($295) 

ChatGPT for Education eBook ($50)

150 Prompts for Educators Online Resource($50)

The ChatGPT Proofing Checklist ($25)

$975 value for $97

Your Instructor

Josh Cavalier

For close to thirty years, Josh has been creating learning solutions for corporations, government agencies, and secondary education institutions.

He has been on the ChatGPT platform since late 2022 and applies his industry experience to the science of Natural Language Processing and AI. 

Josh is passionate about sharing his knowledge, and now has a YouTube channel - @joshcav. 

Josh has been called a "Computer Ace" by People magazine, and he has over 25 years of experience presenting at conferences like NAB, Adobe MAX, and DevLearn.

Course Outline


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Overview of ChatGPT for Learning & Development
  • What You Will Learn

Understanding ChatGPT

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What is Natural Language Processing?
  • How Does a Transformer Work
  • The Encoder/Decoder Workflow

The Seven Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

  • Generating Text (questions, storyboards & scenarios)
  • Named Entity Recognition (Identify people, locations, and organizations)
  • Text Summarization (Condense down reports & video transcripts)
  • Text Correction & Completion (Eliminate writer’s block)
  • Text Classification (Sentiment analysis and topic classification)
  • Language Translation (English to Spanish, English to JSON)
  • Question Answering (Contextual questions and answers)

Writing Better Freeform Prompts

  • Understanding the Importance of Freeform Prompts
  • Learn 20+ Prompts You Can Start Using Today:
    • Learning Needs Assessment
    • Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Learning Objectives
    • eLearning and Video Storyboards
    • And More!
  • The Difference Between a Freeform and Structured Prompt

Writing Your First Structured Prompt

  • Understanding JSON Syntax
  • Creating Your First Strict Prompt using JSON
  • Tips and Tricks for Writing Effective Prompts
  • Creating an effective Prompt Sequence

Using Other AI Tools with ChatGPT

  • Overview of Other AI Tools
  • Integration of AI Tools with ChatGPT
  • Examples of Using Other AI Tools with ChatGPT


  • Summary of the Key Points
  • Questions and Answers
  • Additional Resources and Learning Opportunities

Event Location: Virtual Class 

Limited to 100 Participants!

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